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Flip 180: Look Who Is Crying Now?

December 9, 2010

A few weeks ago, I thought the love that I had been waiting for had arrived because you came into my life. Your presence brought delightful feelings which I rarely feel and that kept me wanting more and more to see you everyday. My feelings for you got stronger as each day passed by and so did my imagination. I assumed that you felt the same way but I was wrong. There was no US nor aWE. It was only ME loving you alone. What I wanted from you you can not give back for you only saw me as FRIEND and that ripped my heart.

My heartache was even severed when I learned that you just found someone special. I was so jealous of that person how I wished that could have been me. Inspite of all the hurt that I felt I had to be happy and supportive to you and that is because that is what a friend does, right? I felt like an actress playing the role of a supportive friend in your love story movie. You just do not know that playing that role was so hard because it was so in contrast to what I felt in reality. Outside I was smiling but inside I was dying! I should receive credits for being a very good actress because I had everybody fooled by my acting, but me.

I did not know how to possibly overcome such heartache. I tried withdrawing myself from you but the more I stayed away the more I wanted to see you. From then on your presence to me brought joy and pain all at the same time. You were like a dangerous drug that I know I should stay away but I could not because I was already hooked. However, I know I have to foget this crazy feeling and I know in time I will.

They say time heals all wounds, perhaps that famous cliche is right for I am now over the fact that I could not have you. I am so done with crying. Being in gloom and bitter was so yesterdays news to me. I am now back to my old self, thank God!

Days had gone by and I never heard any news about you. I am sure that you are happy and doing fine especially now that you have a happy love life but wait what is this gossip I hear? Is it true that your love betrayed you by cheating on you? Oh my! How cruel of that person! And judging by the looks of you today, I can tell that you are suffering from a terrible heartache. My gosh, you are even more heart broken than I was with you!

I know I should feel sad for your misfortune but why is it I am not? I do not feel the slightest pity for you. I do not even feel like comforting you at all. I think you deserve it for being so blind. I was right there all along but you never saw me. If you had chosen me instead of that person you could have been spared of a heartache!

Life is surely amazing is it not? For it can flip 180 in a very short period of time! Look who is crying now? Oh boo- hoo!

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