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August 25, 2010

Dearest Mom,

I dreamt of you again and this time it was about me in search of you.

The dream was bizarre. It had people of different nationalities involved in it. The nationalities involved were the Indians and the Africans and these people were like in a tour here in our country. Ironic though, the place barely resembled the Philippines for it was desert like with Mayan temples erected at the center of the place. At first these people adored me so much up to the extent that they were idolizing me like a God of some sort. However, I felt awkward and scornful of their appreciation so I gave them cold shoulders. In response to my unpleasant behavior, they became infuriated so they drove me away from the community. I felt so lonely from that moment on. I felt as if nobody cared. My instinct then told me to look for you, the one person that can make me feel loved and appreciated the most in this whole freaking world.

The dust and dirt on my feet felt so real as I traveled in the hopes of finding you. My journey lead me to a rural area where there were vast tall trees and grasses. I grew a bit tiresome so I paused for a while near an old shanty shack. The shack looked abandoned so I went inside and to my surprise I saw a familiar face. The person was Gingging your youngest son and he was in deep slumber. I instantly brought him back to consciousness and without a grunt of complain he did. Is it not amazing, mom? For we both know that he sleeps like a log. When he was fully awake I shared to him my desire to see you. I even invited him to come along and to that extent he did.

We traveled to different places as far as our feet could drag us. We searched every high’s and low’s but there was no you. Still we continued our mission up to the point that I woke up. Therefore the search was a fail. Though we were not able to see you I somehow enjoyed the time spent with my brother. This made me realize that aside from missing you, I am also missing my boys back home namely; Dad, Uncle Pol, Kuya and Ginging. I swear I really miss them. It is really sad that I am here and they are there. Honestly speaking, if I were given the chance to choose between to leave or stay home. I would definitely choose the latter. Nothing, no where and no one can replace my home and the people in it. Unfortunately, I have to be practical and rational. It was I who chose this path a long time ago. I guess it is only fair that I live with the consequences that it will entail, right?

I was just wondering, do you want to be found by us, mom? Of course you do. It is just that you are someplace else and someplace far that we can not go. So distant that it will make the Scales of Metric System inadequate. However, despite our distance I will never ever say goodbye, instead I will just say see you later, perhaps in one of my dreams, eh?

Your Unica Hija

Missing and loving you ever more…

NOTE: I dreamt of this three months ago. I was able to keep track of it because I wrote it down on my cp which I totally lost track.

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