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Sailor Goons Super

December 15, 2008

This is a post of mine from a group named Ðeathnote on friendster (yes I’m Filipino, I have prenster).

I just felt like sharing it since I accidentally made this post kinda long…

I posted it last 12/10/08 10:05 PM

Here it is…


This is it, this is my latest manipulation before I get myself busy again because just today this 6:30 pm my grandma died and this calls for another vigil (i dunno the spelling, correct me if I’m wrong)…this is literally called the circle of life…what a christmas this will be…

anyways…i love sailor moon, yes i know it sounds corny and all, but this is my first anime, ever since i was in grade two (1994, hey I’m not that old, k?)…this anime brought me to the world of other anime’s, thus later made me an anime fan or better yet an addict!

Saior Goons Super

Sailor Goons Super

So if you want to star in some of my future deviations, why not add me as a friend! you can simply do that by clicking this link = lutykuh.

Hey, and if you find me in your view list, well maybe I’m up to no good, check this group right away and you might find your face plastered on top of an original art!, if not well maybe in the future…teehee..

This photo brings lolz in the house….

So i dare you to comment…
let’s liven this group, right Kris?

I dunno what food I ate to let me write something this long (maybe the chicken sandwich at wmsu architecture canteen did the majic?)…
Then again bear with me…
I have issues too, you know…

I admire the stamina of the person who read this post from start to end,
how about a round of applause and a standing ovation! (clap clap clap…)
with the length of this post, should this not be considered a blog?
– never mind…

Check the original post here.

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