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FAQ’s on Me

December 15, 2008

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything…

So here is a post that will give you a taste of who I am and what I do (the who I am part sounds sooo serious eh?)…

judge me, & i’ll do the same…

I’m not so good in describing myself, but don’t worry creating lies such as making me sound all tough and rude (like telling you that my life is more shitload than yours so don’t mess with me and that I don’t care whatever you think so STFU) are not my styles just to make me sound acceptable. Gosh I don’t know why some people love describing themselves negatively these days. Furthermore, just to comply with this ever so wonderful section all I can say is that I’m more than what meets the eye, it just depends on how you care to see. However, if you really want to know me, then read my FAQ’s or hit me up with a message or comment; let’s talk.



No Shorts

1. Why do you have so many pictures?

Well I love photography. I’ve been loving it since I was in high school. I was the photojournalist & cartoonists of our school’s newspaper. And yes I’m a CamWhore (if you call it that way).It’s also a Psychiatric disorder called Narcissism, under Personality Disorder Cluster B.

2. Why do you do this?
I do this for fun and just to kill time.Staying at home is really boring. It’s not a career, ok? I’m just a trying hard photographer, model and artist. Problem?

3. Where do you get your ideas from?
Usually whenever an idea pops in and when I have new clothes hihihi…

4. Do your parents know about your photoshoots?
Yes, they’re pretty much aware of it. They just continue with their lives. I guess it’s already a natural phenomena at home.That’s what they get for having a retarded daughter.

5. Do you wear make-up all the time?
No, I’m not a make-up person (sometimes), I just wear it on special occasions and on photo shoots. By the way I get my make-up from my brother’s kit.

6. Brother- Make-up Kit?
Yes you read it right and yes he’s gay.

7. Are your long nails real?
Yes and I love to paint them. According to my friend’s boyfriend I have lots of dead cells, whatever that means.

8. Do you smoke?
Hell no! I don’t want to be barrel chested in the future…

9. Are you emo or scene?

Neither, I’m just me. I just love to role play. Don’t get me wrong I’m not hating them, in fact I appreciate their every little effort from their hair, to their fashion, to their millions of photos and up to their myspace account! (millions of photos & myspace account? errr… maybe I am scene?)

Black Lung Disease

Black Lung Disease

10. What kind of camera and editing software do you use?
Well as for now I just use a cheap camera, (I’m dying to have a real camera) and the editing software is Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS3.

11. Do you do commissions?
It depends on my mood…

12. What does Lutykuh mean?
Lutykuh is my pet name at home (that means I have more!). It was my older brother’s artistic way of saying Kulot (meaning Curly). I guess he got tired and bored of teasing the same old name that was why he reinvented a new one (how sweet), which is kinda cute and unique, I think I’m the only one who uses this pen name. You won’t believe me? Try searching at Google or Yahoo, you’ll see.
And yes I really had curly hair before.

13. Why before?
Because right now I have fake straight hair! And I’m thanking good ol’ science and technology for making hair straightening possible.

14. Don’t you get tired of answering questions?
What do you think?

15. Do you expect people to read this?
Wait a minute…
What are your eye balls staring at…


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