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Chat Dissapointments

March 16, 2008

I have not been blogging anything for wordpress recently, so I decided maybe I’d write something spontaneous today. How spontaneous? Well spontaneous in a sense that I will write anything that will come out of my head right now and whatever words that my fingers plan to land on the keybord! hehehe…

So I plan to discuss about uhmmm…

Wait I’m thinking, ok?

Thinking …..

Still thinking…



Ok…This is what I’m thinking right now!

Let’s just talk about those guys whom I met through the world wide web via yahoo messenger.

A typical conversation will be like this:

Guy: Hi

Me: Hello

Guy: Asl

Me: 21,F, Phil

Guy: 25,M

So you wanna ask what’s the problem with that?

Uhmmm, to tell you frankly nothing much, but what I hate the most is what they’re going to say later. After the Hi’s and hello’s they’d direct into asking if I have a boyfriend or not! And that question pisses me off, I’m like “Is there no other better conversation than asking about your love life?”

Sometimes when I’m in the mood I’d answer “Nope, I don’t have right now” (which is really true right now) and you know what they’re going to say later?

“I love you!”, that’s what one of my chatmates said to me recently…

I’m like, whoah! Are we that close?

And that discourages me to continue to chat with them.

The most recent chat dissapointment I had was last night, this guy from wherever he was asked me if I could be his model!


A model?

My Gully!

I’m no fit to become a model.

He said he was a photographer and he’d wanted me to become his model for a show in Paris. So I told him that I’m fat and I’m not that tall (which is unfortunately true, huhuhu). You know what he answered?

He said that whether I’m fat, short or has a dark complexion it’s ok! He’ll fix everything!

I was like, are you a magician or something?  And he said “Sort of”

I couldn’t belive this guy!

By the way, he wanted to view me on web cam, right away, so he and his associates could decide whether I was fit or not!

Was he damanding or not?

He pleaded and pleaded, and I said no, no, no, no! (of course I don’t know the guy!)

I told a friend about my chatmate last night, and she told me that she had a similar experience, she added that guys will do anything to get a piece of you even in the internet!!!

Huwow! Are guys that desperate right now?

Where have they’re manners gone? I’m not stereotyping all of the male gender,ok? I also have some chatmates whom I can call friends too. Like this guy let’s just call him Paul, I have known him for four years now. Paul and I have been chatting for quite some time, although not frequently but I can say we do chat if we both are online. This guy is very nice, he respected me and with that I respected him in return and from then on we became friends.

Can’t we have friendship first before anything else? I hope guys will also respect they’re chatmates whatever nationality, race, religion or whatever that is that sets us apart from each other. I’m talking about equality!

And before I forget, there was this another chatmate of mine who asked me to send him a pair of shoes!

Whoah! Do I sound like a money bank?

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  1. March 16, 2008 5:51 pm

    Yahoo! Chat is where all the creepy guys hang out!! ^_^ I used to chat all the time, but bad experiances made me quit. Now I just post stuff on forums and message boards where it usually stays on topic.

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