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Seeing Double!!!

February 29, 2008

I have been browsing friendster for a while, when something I mean someone caught my eye!!!

To my amazement I saw somebody who looks exactly like my little brother Daryl!!!


The thought of having someone look like my little brother gave me the creeps!

So I browsed the account of this guy named Ace and clicked on his pics…

I was dumbfounded. He really does have the same features as my younger brother.



Ace & Daryl


See the resemblance? Even my whole family was shocked!

And so the brother-look-a-like moment passed after a few days. Another normal day has gone by til my older brother was browsing his friendster, I was getting ready for my review when something I mean someone caught my eye again!!!

Guess what?

Another look a-like!!!

This time not of my brother but two of my friends namely Chicha (remember Chicha? He is my gay friend on which I talked about on my previous posts) and Ramram (he is non gay).

This guy amazed me for he resembles the features of two of my friends!!!

I quickly told my brother to save some of this guy’s photos so that I can show my friends. Upon looking at this guys photos again and again something crazy hit my mind!

I was able to come up with this crazy family tree.


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