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Flip 180: Look Who Is Crying Now?

December 9, 2010

A few weeks ago, I thought the love that I had been waiting for had arrived because you came into my life. Your presence brought delightful feelings which I rarely feel and that kept me wanting more and more to see you everyday. My feelings for you got stronger as each day passed by and so did my imagination. I assumed that you felt the same way but I was wrong. There was no US nor aWE. It was only ME loving you alone. What I wanted from you you can not give back for you only saw me as FRIEND and that ripped my heart. Read more…



August 25, 2010

Dearest Mom,

I dreamt of you again and this time it was about me in search of you.

The dream was bizarre. It had people of different nationalities involved in it. The nationalities involved were the Indians and the Africans and these people were like in a tour here in our country. Ironic though, the place barely resembled the Philippines for it was desert like with Mayan temples erected at the center of the place. At first these people adored me so much up to the extent that they were idolizing me like a God of some sort. However, I felt awkward and scornful of their appreciation so I gave them cold shoulders. In response to my unpleasant behavior, they became infuriated so they drove me away from the community. I felt so lonely from that moment on. I felt as if nobody cared. My instinct then told me to look for you, the one person that can make me feel loved and appreciated the most in this whole freaking world. Read more…

My May 10 Experience

May 10, 2010

”I am not voting this election!” Well that was what I thought and look where I was this morning, I was seated at an elongated seat which was situated in front of my precinct together with other people whom I hardly know while waiting for our numbers to be called, what a bummer!

You are probably thinking that I am politically apathetic, right? Well you’re wrong. The reason why my heart wasn’t set for this election was because I thought I’d barely be here back home and mind you I’m not that rich to fly back and forth just to vote. I thought that thinking about it will just be a waste of time and instead of making my brain cells work which might lead to an increased intracranial pressure iisipin ko nalang ang aking mga split ends na super dami na.

I did not even have a president in mind nor a vice president and same thing as to my chosen senators, mayor, house representative and councilors too! I did not even know who runs for what position except sa mga presidential candidates. I never got into the Noynoy vs. Villar vs. Gibo vs. Erap vs. Eddie vs. Jamby thingy, na mas nakilala ko lang dahil sa 7-11 presidential cups (hihi). The hell I cared for I know on the day of the election I would just be busy buying 500 ml of C2 apple at 7-11, sampung piso nalang kasi eh (hihi), and surely would not vote! Another factor why I was not aware of who’s running for what position was because wala kaming TV kung saan kame nag stay, I’m ignorant, ok? However I came back home just in time for me to exercise my right to suffrage!



By the way I came to the election venue with my younger brother’s friend, Kris and it was his first time to vote. The venue was where I had my elementary education and the traffic getting there was fantastic (sarcasm). Grabeng traffic kinailangan pang mag park malayo kaunti sa iskwelahan pero carry lang go lang nang go, ganito naman tayong mga Pinoy, matiisin! To no surprise the school was like market. The people were so many, same as to the number of basura este sample balots lying everywhere. Oh well, what do you expect from freakin’ Pilipinas kong mahal, di ba? Pero infairness ha kahit talak ang kurapsyon at pandaraya ng gobyerno, hindi parin natitinag ang paniniwala nang mga Pinoy na sa pamamagitan ng kanilang boto mababago ang kapalaran ng buong bansa, at dahil jan mabuhay tayong lahat.


Holy smokes, may silbi pala itong ID kong ito other that being a valid ID to claim legal things! Mantakin mo andito pala naka saad kung saang presinto ako nabibilang! Yehey, I need not to call or surf the net just to know where it is.

Precint 1256 that’s what is written on my ID and according sa manila paper na naka paskil sa dingding na malapit sa entrance ng school sa room 10 ako dapat bumoto, so off to room 10 ako.


Kris’ room was at room 9, at least magkasabay parin. To my astonishment may dalawang bonggang bonggang mahabang pila na animoy ahas patungong room 9. Upon seeing that, I feared that I might suffer the same fate of waiting in line under the heat of the sun on my assigned room! Subalit, ibahin niyo room ko walang pila pero may numbering naman, mamatay! Ang dami naming naghihintay doon as in! Bakit ba naman minerge ang super daming precints in to one room? At kung bakit may pila sa kabilang room at numbering system dito sa amin? What’s the difference? Mukhang walang organization, (tsk, tsk, tsk). Pero infairness wala naman akong napansing dahas na nangyari sa tagal ng pamamalagi ko dun. The only disturbing thing that caught my sight was that teenage boy carrying a digicam, di ba bawal yun?


While I was waiting I heard young and old people (especially the old ones) complaining about the long wait! Sabi pa nila:

”…akala ko computerized na ba’t ang tagal, mas mabuti pa ung dati!”

”…uuwi nalang ako, parang mamayang gabi pa man itong number ko!”

”…sana wala akong ibang trabaho, hai naku uuwi na ako…”

”…patingin nga ng number mo, ah na neng bumalik ka nalang mamayang hapon…”

and many more other complains, siyempre naman di na ako sumabay sa putak nila, iniisip ko nalang na ‘that the sky is blue and the grass is green.”Ayokong uminit ang ulo ko sapagkat magiging isa yan sa mga factors sa pag dagdag ng init ng kapaligiran! My gerd, the place was so warm. The people were all sweaty and they all look shitty, including me, I guess. Pawis, lagkit with matching pamaypay and kunot noo mode was the ”IN” look that time and fresh look was so “OUT”. Kahit naka sampung paligo ka pa ng safeguards sa bahay ay wala yang silbi, I assure you na mababalot ka rin ng lagkit at pawis, Eww! Oh please don’t destroy my inner calmness (sky is blue grass is green).

My seatmate to my right was number 220, and me? I was number 2! Nice noh? sana nga lang hinde ako second batch and at that moment 156 pa lamang ang pinapapasok! Mamatay! Excited pa naman talaga akong ”itiman-ishade-ang-loob-ng-bilog-ang-loob-ng-bilog-na-hugis-itlog!”


In order to help me pass time, I got my cell phone and started playing solitaire, oo paborito ko to, kebs mo. I’m proud to say that in the game called Simple Simon I had 25 wins, kaso nga lang 287 losses naman, deama (hahaha). After I got bored, I suddenly thought that this event was worth blogging for, kaya nag type-typan nalang ang lola mo, di naman ako maka text, eh wala naman akong load poorita kasi.

Where was I? ah waiting na pala. After a decade and one, 298 na ang number na tinawag pero type type parin ako niyan I was busy verbalizing my feelings sa keypad, until 300 na, so I got excited. Tumayo na ako at pinakita ang number ko, na halos napupunit na!

”Sige na kuya second batch na!” request ng ate sa side ko.

The guy in charge told us that they will start calling the second batch after the previous batch was through, gusto ko nang sigawan ang nasa loob naDISPERSE!

Finally the long wait was over, my number was called and in to the room I went! Over sa kayod ang pagpasok sa room, walang gustong magpaubaya. Lahat gustong pumasok, lumabas at tumambay sa may door na wiz naman sila business doon at that moment in time. Kalbaryo kung kalbaryo, survival of the fittest na ito ate! At siyempre di ako nagpatalo nakipag siksikan rin ako! Bigla ko nalang naisip ang LRT station, mabuti pa doon mejo payapa pa, pinapauna pang ipadaan ang lalabas later na ang papasok, haiz.

Sa wakas nakapasok rin ako! Attendance mode muna mga three times at saka sign-sign with right thumbmark muna bago ako binigyan ng medyo oslo ka kapal na papel na medyo may kahabaan rin at cutie marker na may words na smartmatics. So there I was shading in according to my kodigs and yes I made one as influenced by what the media said. Actually, I made my kodigs the night before the election. Choosing from the many candidates was such a tough decision; it took me so long to decide (mga two minutes, hahaha) because like what I’ve said earlier wiz ko sila kilala. Keber ko ba na tumatakbo na pala as a councilor ang isang known host dito sa Zamboanga. Anong gagawin niya kung mananalo siya, mag host-host ng parties? (ahihihihi). Wiz ko siya bet.

Infairness madali lang ang pag vote. At sa wakas na gawa ko rin ang ”itiman-i-shade-ang-loob-ng-bilog-ang-loob-ng-bilog-na-hugis-itlog” gamit gamit ang cute na marker na gusto kong iuwi! Para sakin parang Nursing Licensure Examination lang ang experience ng pag shade-shade, it was so easy breezy (minus ang result ha). I was almost done with my voting I just needed to insert my ballot in the PCOS machine. Good thing though, nothing bad happened to the machine it was working well. No offense ha, the PCOS machine looked like a big black plastic trash can, hmmm kaya pala trashy rin ang performance ng some (hahaha). It took the machine less than a minute or so to analyze my vote, and then the computer gave me a CONGRATULATIONS remark, therefore my vote was in. Whew, indelible ink nalang ang kulang at babush na ako. In fairness ang bilis naman ng process ng pagvote, na-shock nga ang body ko at di pa nga ako nakakarecover hanggang ngayon eh (hahaha), ang paghihintay lang talaga ang chaka!


To sum it all up, the new mode of voting using the PCOS machine was somewhat easier than the traditional way. It is actually more time efficient because voters only need to shade the oval inline with the names of their chosen candidate for a said government position, unlike before when voters have to scribble the entire names of their chosen candidate. However, the effectiveness of the PCOSmachine is still questionable. According to the news there were so many machines which went junk during that day. It barely served its purpose, which is so sad to hear. Let’s just pray that this will be a successful election.

I just hope against hope and wish against wish that whoever wins (any position) will be a solution to at least most of our problems and not be an additional burden. I hope that he/she would not be selfish and would not make politics a self income generating business. It does not matter if he/she was born from an indigent nor filthy rich family. What matters most is his/her intention to help. I hope nobody gets bitter about another’s success, instead just lend a hand. Besides, not being number one in rank will not deprive nor cripple one’s ability to help others. After all it is for the betterment of the entire Filipino nation, right? Tayo naman ang makikinabang kaya wag ng mag asal alimango, di ba?


I hope next time Comelec will find a way for us not to wait that LOOOOOONG for our turn to vote. A comfortable and clean election is all I ask. Thank you. Bow

I Miss You Mom

November 16, 2009

Mamang, I miss you…

It is almost a year since you have been gone and not a day has gone by that I did not think about you just like this particular morning. I somehow saw you walking from a distance, you were your usual self. You were wearing your blue jogging pants and white hello kitty shirt. Knowing you were there made me feel that you never left, it felt so good, and it felt so complete. Unfortunately, reality snapped back and oh, there goes gravity. Ouch, it was just a dream.

Many things cross my mind each time I think about you but right now all I could think of is that it was my fault why you went away so soon and that I should have been a better daughter. Read more…

Photo blog: Shoo

February 21, 2009

Almost everybody’s got a version of a shoe pic, why not me?

I took these photos last Oct 8, 2008. It was a boring day so I decided to take some photos just to help pass the minutes. Converse shoes has been quite a common concept on the internet these days, so I decided why not give it a try. I had a great time taking these photos on our backyard and by the way all of the shoes are mine. Just click the pic for a bigger size.

Photography and Concept: Dianne Labora Read more…

25 Random Things

February 20, 2009

The Anti Summer Plot Failed by Lutykuh

1. I consider a person who knows how to ride a bike as GOD and that biking is a godly talent.

2. I am still in denial of the fact that I love chocolates.

3. I am so gay with my friends.

4. I am left handed and I write in an odd way which my friends find it so painful to look at.

5. I sleep with a cat, and it sleeps on my chest.

6. I have a mole on my right foot.

7. I don’t like eating chicken feet barbecue nor the adobo version of it. Read more…

I Feel So Fucking Emo

February 15, 2009

I’m feeling so fucking emo today!!!


And I want to inject a bolus of potassium chloride on my jugular veins…

Have you ever felt so low in your life, like you are not making any sense at all? And the worst part is that you can easily suggest or recommend things to your friends who are in trouble or is having some rough time in life yet you can’t figure out a single encouraging word for yourself? Well that is what I’m totally feeling today. I feel so utterly terrible and I totally hate it. Read more…